Introducing the Vestar Visa Gift Card!

It's Just What They Want

Gift giving is easier than ever with a Vestar Visa® Gift Card from Tempe Marketplace, Desert Ridge Marketplace or The District at Tustin Legacy.

Use it wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Protect the value by reporting lost or stolen cards 24 hours a day. Cards can be used within the U.S. only.

Gift Cards are available in several designs ranging from $20 to $500. They may be purchased online, including embossed personalization and greeting. 

Gift Cards can also be purchased at the Guest Services/Management office during mall hours. Purchase fee applies. See this website or the card carrier for complete Vestar Properties Cardholder Agreement.

Tips for using your Vestar Visa Gift Card.

  • Know Your Balance: the Gift Card transaction will be declined if you attempt to make a purchase in excess of your card balance. If your Gift Card value is not enough to cover the full amount of your purchase, ask the cashier to split the transaction between the remaining card balance and another form of payment. Tell the store how much is on your Gift Card since many merchants cannot tell what the balance is. Visit for balance information.
  • Most restaurants, salons and other services where you typically tip may temporarily add approximately 20% to your bill to cover the tip. Make sure your balance can cover the 20% or your transaction will be declined.
  • Pay inside for gas purchases. Do not pay at the pump.
  • Go to to register your card with your name and address before you make any purchases over the web, phone or through the mail. Many merchants do an address match to make sure that the card belongs to the person making the purchase
  • Visit the FAQ section of this website for additional helpful tips on how to use your Vestar Visa Gift Card.