Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Product Information

What is the Vestar Gift Card and how is it used?
The Vestar Gift Card is an ideal gift solution for any occasion. It's the one card that works just about everywhere inside the mall. Purchase the card at Desert Ridge Marketplace, The District at Tustin Legacy or Tempe Marketplace and give it to everyone on your gift shopping list. You can purchase the card in any denomination between $20 and $500. The card is attractively packaged and ready to be used at:
  • Desert Ridge Marketplace
  • The District at Tustin Legacy
  • Tempe Marketplace

Where can the Vestar Gift Card be used?
The card is available for use at any retailer that accepts Visa debit cards including mall stores and restaurants. You will not be able to use the card for PIN purchases or ATM withdrawals.

Vestar Gift Card Pricing
Purchase Fee $2.00 / card
Monthly Fee $2.00 (waived 1st twelve months)
Telephone Customer Service Fee Waived on 1st unassisted call
  $.50 each additional unassisted call
  $1.00 on all calls to service representatives
Web Site Customer Service Fee Unlimited FREE access at
Balance Transfer Fee* $15.00
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee 2% (in addition to Visa's 1%)
* Balance Transfer Fee is applied if the giftcard is replaced, cashed out with a check, cashed out at expiration, or escheated according to the laws of the state of issuance. If the remaining balance is less than $15.00 you will not receive a refund. The cardholder is responsible for any transactions posted to the card prior to reporting it lost or stolen.

Where can I get complete details on pricing?
Vestar Properties Inc. Cardholder Agreement

Vestar Gift Card Order Process

What are the minimum and maximum limits a purchaser can load onto the card?
Minimum load: $20.00
Maximum load: $500

How many cards can one person purchase?

Using the Vestar Gift Card for Purchases

How many cards can one person purchase?

Should Cardholders press "CREDIT" or "DEBIT" as the payment option?
Always select the "credit" button when making a purchase. The card will not work if the cardholder presses the "debit" button. The word "debit" on the face of the card indicates the card can be used at retailers that accept Visa debit cards. The "credit" button simply routes the transaction through Visa--it does not mean that the card will acquire credit debt. Spending is limited to the funds preloaded onto the card.

What do I do if my giftcard doesn't have enough money on it for my purchase?
If there is not enough money on the Card to cover the full amount of a desired purchase then ask the merchant to split the transaction between the remaining balance and another form of payment. Tell the cashier how much money is on the card since many merchants cannot determine the remaining value on the card.

How do I ensure that my giftcard will be accepted at restaurants, hair salons and other service locations?
Most restaurants, salons, and other service locations assume you will be adding a tip to your tab. You can ensure your Card will be accepted by making sure your Card's balance is 25% greater than the purchase amount. The actual tip that you enter on the receipt will replace the assumed 25% tip when the transaction is applied to the Gift Card.

Customer Service
How do customers check the giftcard balance and access customer service? At the mall: Get your balance free of charge at the mall's Guest Services Desk. Web: Balance information and transaction histories are available 24 hours a day, free of charge, online at
Phone: Telephone customer service is available 24 hours a day at 1-866-889-6953. A fee may apply.

What happens if the card is lost or stolen?
The Cardholder must call 1-866-889-6953 to report the card as lost or stolen. The card will be replaced for a fee of $15.00.